May 24, 2007

Rings of DeathDear X-Box 360:
I can’t say I’m very happy with how you have been acting lately. I’m not sure where you got this “three red lights” thing from, but I don’t find it amusing. Now I have to send you off to Texas for repairs. I feel like you just got here, and you are already hitting the road. At least they have extended your warranty, it makes the situation a little more bearable.

I won’t lie, your timing could be better. I just bought you a gamefly subscription, and this is how you repay me? Frankly, the whole thing makes me sick. Regardless, we are still close…and I wish you a safe return. Hopefully your friend in customer service will have everything to me as quick as possible, even if I did have to spell out half of our conversation.


P.S. – Please don’t mess with Texas, from what I understand…they frown upon that type of thing.


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