12 Reasons Why Commander Cobra Rocks!

June 3, 2007

1. Does leader of Cobra Command mean anything to you? Not just any schmuck can successfully lead such an organization.

2. Some villains don’t even have one bad-ass looking mask, the commander has two.

3. He was created by Marvel.

4. He teaches us that capes can still be cool.

5. He is an equal opportunity employer. He proved it with Tomax and Xamot, the originally ambiguously gay duo.

6. Although he was not elected, he ran in the 2004 Presidential Campaign. “Global terror will end forever, 24 hours after Cobra Commander has been elected”.

7. He paralyzed Hawk, and killed Dr. Mindbender…both of those guys were lame.

8. He not only waged war against GI Joe, but also aided attacks on several Autobots of the Transformers. That’s a couple steps above waging war on the vending machine at your job.

9. He has made guest appearances on Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

10. He’s like…half snake, half man. Maybe 20% snake…still, that’s pretty crazy.

11. He has been overthrown, or betrayed more times than I can count…yet he hasn’t been killed. He’s like 50 Cent…except he doesn’t suck.

12. He used to be a used car salesman? I guess its never too late to turn your life around and make something of yourself.


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