Smoke on the Water

August 20, 2007

The girlfriend and I were having the conversation the other day of whether we would rather be buried or cremated after we have passed away. I mentioned that I would want a viking funeral if given the choice, as opposed to the more traditional methods. For those who are not familiar with the practice, it is a ceremony in which the deceased is placed on vessel and immolated. I believe the traditional ceremony is done on land…but the scenario I envision would take place on water. Something like the funeral scene in First Knight, where I am sent off to sea, and my vessel is lit via a flaming arrow.

I know, my version probably isn’t historically accurate…but it sure is bad-ass. There are a couple of flaws though…as I am not sure this kind of thing is legal. Also, the ceremony seems like kind of a big deal. I imagine I would have to be a war hero or something to deserve such an honor. I don’t think anybody who has ever worked in a cubicle has been honored with such a tradition. So the first step is to check on the legality of the whole thing (leave a comment if you can help me out here). The second step is doing something historically note-worthy. The final step is convincing the girlfriend that it is not a ridiculous answer to her question.


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