Watch Instantly

October 3, 2007

I don’t how many of you have a subscription to Netflix, but I just recently started taking advantage of their “Watch Instantly” feature which allows you to watch selections from your queue right on your computer. I wasn’t too interested in this when it first rolled out, as distribution rights seem to limit what you are able to “watch instantly”.

This changed when I noticed that they offer a good number of television series through this service. My friends have been hassling me lately for not watching Heroes. I told them that I don’t have a real interest in watching the second season (which recently stared), as I had not seen any of the first. However, since I have stumbled across this feature…I have been on a Heroes marathon, trying to catch myself up to speed on the series. They even have previously aired episodes of season 2 available, which means that I can catch up without waiting for a season to end.

I would sit here and go on about it some more, but I have some Heroes to watch.


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