Identity Crash

October 8, 2007

You are reading my WordPress blog right now…well, one of them anyway. Like others out there, I have multiple blogs whose status range from “updated regularly” to “all but abandoned”. These blogs make up a minuscule portion of the social networks that I am registered with. This is a fact I found somewhat troublesome when I took the time to think about it. Below is a list of the networks/sites that I am registered with.

43things, couchsurfing,, facebook, flickr, livejournal, livemocha, myspace, pownce, sounddomain, yelp

Those are just the sites whose main focus is social networking. Now add in sites like Netflix, which are there for other purposes, but have social networking built in. Also add the endless list of message boards and forums of which I am a member…and you have a online identity overload. Think of all the quality time wasted on sites like these, especially when I don’t even use half of them anymore. It may be time for a little social network purging.


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