Shades of Delicious

August 24, 2007

COLOURlovers is a website that follows color trends in our everyday life. Its a pretty cool concept, but like anything…gets better when you mix it with beer. They have broken down several premium beers, to show the different colors that help shape each delicious mug. I always like to admire the color of a good beer before the first sip, and this site makes it that much more interesting. Cheers!


Guerrilla Art

August 21, 2007

“I want to be a non-conformist. Just like everybody else.”

Awesome quote on the first picture of this Banksy portfolio. I could look at this stuff for hours, and will have to remind myself to add Wall and Piece to my birthday wish-list.

Urban Art

August 8, 2007

I have always found abandoned, vandalized, or neglected parts of cities to be very fascinating…and have often feel that they are overlooked for their artistic intrigue. Apparently, some people from Providence think so too…as they have set out to show the rest of the world just how interesting these types of spaces can be. Very cool.