Five Star Sofas

October 5, 2007

I recently stumbled across this Couch Surfing website, and remain fascinated by the idea. Before reading this site, I was under the impression that couch surfing was falling asleep on the sofa while watching one of the Police Academy movies on a Saturday afternoon. As it turns out, couch surfing is a global network of individuals who let strangers crash at their place. The idea being that an individual not from the area can sleep on someones sofa as opposed to paying for a hotel room.

Insane? Yeah, that’s one of the first words that came to my head too. After watching Hostel, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel about bunking with a local on my next visit to Germany. Upon reading more on how their system works, I will admit it doesn’t seem quite as dangerous as I first assumed…but still a little odd. I’ll admit I am very intrigued by the idea, but don’t know if I would ever muster up the cojones to go on such an adventure. It’s a shame too, falling asleep on the couch is one of the things I excel at.