Alcohol Abuse

November 5, 2007

As I practiced my pre-work morning ritual of eating cereal while surfing the net in nothing but my boxers…I read a great post from Guy. It got me thinking about all of the stupid (and awesome) stuff that guys tend to do to one another. The post reminded me of what is still one of my all time favorite pranks to pull on a buddy….

I’m afraid this is one Man Law I am going to have to refuse to follow.


Halloween Reflection

November 1, 2007

Here are a couple observations/thoughts I have had on Halloween this year…

– It is annoying to have a hound dog when you have kids coming to your door every thirty seconds.

– Kids with facial hair (real facial hair, not part of a costume) should not be coming to my door for candy.

– Its a crime that I can’t find a video of the SNL skit where John Travolta plays a version of Dracula who is trying to convince his guests he is not gay.

– I don’t care how young he was, the kid in the Michael Vick jersey needs to read a newspaper. Although it was funny when Sawyer barked at him.

– Sometimes, I take a little peace and quiet for granted.

Return of the Great White Dope

September 30, 2007

I have been MIA for a while, but I don’t think I have that many (if any) regular readers…so it probably doesn’t matter that much. Speaking of abandoning sites, this little gem fits well with that theme. I’ll try to come back soon with some more frequent updates.

Not So Bionic

September 6, 2007

Ever wonder how bionic you are? Well you shouldn’t, that’s a ridiculous thing to spend time thinking about. However if you are still curious…head over to the lab, and find out just how bionic you are. I managed a score of 66%, which means I won’t be doing any crazy bionic jumps any time soon. Probably for the best, I see myself going mad with bionic power if I had the opportunity.

Beast Master

September 3, 2007

A recent post from Guy reminded me of a small collection of pictures from Pieter Hugo that I had stumbled across a few months ago. These men belong to a group of traveling performers in Nigeria, that do their shows with animals they keep as companions(which include hyenas, pythons, and baboons). Apparently there are myths that they are actually a gang, under the guise of the performing arts. I really want to believe this myth, because there is something completely BA about a gang who use hyenas and baboons. Take that crips.

Anti Baby Boom

August 23, 2007

It is said that the children are our future. Well the folks at Bullet Proof Baby are serious about protecting that investment. They specialize in tactical gear aimed (no pun intended) to protect your cubs. From riot gear, to bullet-proof strollers, to bomb blankets….they have it all. If your child is assisting the police in local drug raids, you can rest assured that they are doing so with the proper equipment.

Need more information before dropping such a heavy dollar? Check out the horrifying instructional video on the main page that shows a lady supposedly shooting at a bullet-proof stroller with a child inside.

If you are anything like me, you occasionally enjoy laughing at dumb high school kids. Check out the worst analogies ever written in a high school essay, and feel a little better about yourself.

The title of this post by the way, is from a Pablo Francisco stand-up. Not the funniest guy on earth, but that line always cracks me up.