Mad Crazy Stupid Fresh

September 11, 2007

Check out this cool interactive beat-box machine inspired by Lasse Gjertsen’s human beat-box video. I’m sure everybody is familiar with the original video, but this site takes it to a whole new level. I’ve got mad crazy stupid fresh beats yo!


I just picked up Ahead of the Curve which was put together by Lateef the Truthspeaker & DJ Z-Trip, but includes all sorts of appearances and collaborations. Lateef describes it as a mix-tape that demonstrates the juxtaposition of his style with that of Z-Trips. The baby of this one night stand is a very creative album that you can bob you head to. Because of it’s mix tape style, you may find it even more enjoyable if you are already familiar with Lateef, as there are allot of cuts and revisits of his previous work. My favorite track off the album so far is “Devil’s Detail”, but the whole thing is worth a listen.

Die Hard & Rock Out

June 30, 2007

This song/music video from Guyz Nite is pretty awesome. If you check out their myspace they have done a version to include Live Free or Die Hard.

While listening to the song, it made me realize something I had not previously paid much attention to…where the hell did Al go? Even with seeing the third film more times than I can count, I never paid attention to the fact that he was not in it. According to this song, he doesn’t show up in fourth installment either. Al, your memory will live on in our hearts.

I leave you with what is possibly the best line of the song…
“and the terrorists were overzealous, but it was sweet when they killed Ellis”

Killer Sound?

May 30, 2007

Has anybody noticed that singles from The Killer’s Sam’s Town sounds allot like Bruce Springsteen? Songs like “When You Were Young” and “Read My Mind” almost sound like they were written by The Boss himself. This begs the eternal question of musical influence. When a newer band carries the same sound as a rock veteran…do you consider it a rip-off, or a way of paying tribute?

As long as it is done in a very classy, subtle way…I usually don’t have a problem with it. However I think The Killer’s were a little too blatant with the sound and lyrical content. Add in the fact that the lead singer recently accused bands like The Bravery and Fallout Boy of “riding their coattails”, and it becomes that much more insulting.

There can be only one boss, Flowers…and you are not it!